Knowledge Clubs

The school offers students a range of club activities appropriate to their age. Joining a club is one of the many ways in which we will seek to encourage students to pursue areas of personal interest. The clubs, we have, motivate challenge and stimulate every child of the school. They are groomed and channeled into their field of interest by these 45 clubs that are open for them.

  • Abacus
  • Anchoring Club
  • Craft
  • Creative Writing Club
  • Culture & Heritage
  • Dance Club (Classical)
  • Dance Club (western)
  • Debate Club - English
  • Debate Club - Hindi
  • Drama Club
  • Drawing and Painting
  • Eco Club
  • Electronics
  • Elocution Club
  • Embroidery and Knitting
  • Fashion Designing Club
  • French - International Language
  • Health and Wellness Club
  • Home Science Club - (Cookery)
  • Interior Designing Club
  • IT Club
  • Life Skills Club - peer educators
  • Mathematics Club
  • Movie and advertisements Club
  • Music Club - Instrumental
  • Music Club - Vocal
  • Nature Club
  • News Letter Club
  • News Paper Writing
  • Olympiads
  • Photography
  • Poster Making Club
  • Reading Club - Book Review
  • Recitation Club
  • Robotics
  • Safety and Sanitation Club
  • Science Club
  • Science Park
  • Sculpture Club
  • Social Science Club
  • Table Layout
  • Vedic Mathematics
  • Yoga Club
  • Rangoli
  • Mehandi and tatoo art
  • Traffic and Safety

Maths Club

The Junior Maths Club was formed with the students of Class V. A test was held after which 10 students were chosen who were then prepared for competitive Exams. Club sessions are held twice a week, and as the competitions approach, the frequency of meetings increased to enable the members to actively participate in the competitions in which over 100 Schools participate. This preparation widens their horizon and gives them enough exposure to help them deal with senior classes comfortably.

I.T. Club

The Information Technology Club is open to students of all majors interested in the way in which computers and the related technology are used in today’s society. The IT Club provides opportunities for students to explore topics related to the use of information technology. The various encyclopedia programmes are provided in the club which make our students more intelligent, curious and inquisitive.

Literary Club

The Literary Club includes activities like Public-Speaking, Debating and Poetry Recitation. The students participate in these activities with a lot of enthusiasm and get an opportunity to bring out their hidden potential. They are groomed into confident individuals. Inter-House Competitions are organized every year in order to discover the best talent amongst the SNVP students and the outstanding students are awarded and appreciated.

Nature Club

The Nature Club has enthusiastic and keen environmentalists amongst our young SN's. They have been participating in various events related to conservation and have been attending workshops on issues related to the environment. It is heartening to see our young SN's propagating and practicing, anti-littering, anti-crackers and say no to plastic bags campaigns.

Members are further exposed to nature through visits to the school gardens, where they learn means and ways of conserving soil, water and air by practising gardening. This inculcates in our students a love for nature.

An awareness is built among our students on the need to recycle paper and use bio-degradable waste so that they learn to use the energy resources carefully. The SN's have been deeply involved in their Nature Club activities and have sincerely been following the 4-Rs of environment conservation, i.e.: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Remember to do it !

Science Club

Student members of Classes VI to X with a spirit of DOING REAL SCIENCE are active members of the Science Club. The following could be defined as the basic features or characteristics of the student members:

  • Become curious
  • Wonder about something
  • Try to come up with new ideas and solutions


The club is a platform for the students interested in debates to showcase their celebrating skills.The members take part in various debates held at the class, school and inter school levels.Many students have brought laurels to the school at the inter-school debate competitions.


Hindi Debate Club promotes Hindi culture among the students and strives generate interest in our national language.


If you are a Maths lover, if you are a number player then the maths club is the best place for you. Maths has always been a favourite subject of many students and this led to the initiation of the Maths Olympians Club .We look forward for its great success and hope that the club does something good for the school and the kids.

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