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“All of us do not have equal talent. But, all of us have an equal opportunity to develop our talents.”
-Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam



We at SNVP attempt to prepare and equip students to face global challenges. For this we train, mentor and discipline students to imbibe the leadership skills and qualities of being confident, knowledgeable, responsible, innovative, proactive, organizer and all rounder. Therefore we focus on not just textbooks but practical aspects of every subject as well as life skills. As there is no place for rote learning and passive listening in the modern system of education we understand the need to provide children with such opportunities and situations as can facilitate them to exhibit their hidden potential to the fullest. As a matter of fact children today are more intelligent and creative than their predecessors. From a very tender age we recognize leadership traits in every child and nurture him /her making learning innovative and interesting for them. Today is the age of continuous and rapid developments in every field and we recognize a dire need to keep students ahead in every walk of life. 21st century learning demands continuous research and developments for which it becomes necessary to not only impart but also learn.
7Cs which facilitate world class learning methodology has been adopted by us that focus on-

  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving,
  • Creativity and Innovation,
  • Collaboration,Teamwork and Leadership,
  • Cross Cultural Understanding,
  • Communication and Media Fluency,
  • Computing and ICT Fluency,
  • Career & Learning Self-reliance.

We as teachers and parents need to work synergistically for overall development of our children. Progressive children don't feel comfortable to have ever-demanding parents who burden them with their own lofty ambitions and longings. In fact they want supportive hands that can assist them to identify their own latent talents and groom them in a happening atmosphere. Children have vulnerable minds just like clay, so it’s our responsibility to give them right direction in life and design their careers which best fits to their aptitude and personality. In our view every child is a unique being which we need to recognize and accordingly direct our efforts to train and nurture him/her. From our curriculum to extra curricular every domain is well researched, standardized and contemporary. We believe in modern outlook towards education with a strong foundation of traditional values which is our identity.

-Vibha Gupta

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