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This page is dedicated to our guest and other supporters of our school who have shown their belief in us to bring quality education in city.

Mr. Madhu Gujar Mayor of Meerut Childrens day 2010 This school like a tree which gives shadow of education to the student. She said that the school student are very kind and hearted and helpful.
Mr. Antriksh Johri Joint Secretary CBSE Inspection of School 2010 The combined efforts of the two forces the Teachers and the Taught have made SNVP, what it is today, an institution epitomizing the best education as well as an instrument for the transformation of society ---.I wish all success
Mr.Prianjal yadav IAS, CDO Meerut. Opening of school website Its a good initiative from SNVP School. I am confident that the school will keep up its ascent and its progressive pace.
Mr.Lokash Prjapati MLA Talent Hunt Show 2011 Appreciated and encourage the student’s effort. He said that the school is doing well in uplifting the moral of student.
Dr. poonam dutt Psychiatrist Meerut Workshop 2011 She appreciated the student & school.
Mr.D.K. Badola Brigadier Independence Day2011 I do hope SNVP would continue to thrive and fulfill the aspiration for which it has been established. My best wishes for success of the entire endeavor.
Mr. Ashish Goel ,IAS M.D. PVVNL Art & Painting Comp My boh son studied a SNVP and I am proud to send them here. Everyhing in SNVP is upto my expectation.
Mr. Bhuvenesh Kumar ,IAS Commissioner ,Meerut Inauguration of SNVP Girla International School 2012 Well snvp doing good in every field.I wish good luck to the school and everyone associated with it
Mr.Satya Prakesh Aggarwal MLA Independence Day Celebration 2012 I wish all success to SNVP and take the opportunity to congratulate all the staff members who have devoted their time ,energy and creativity in moulding this second great venture.
Dr. Raja Rav DSO Muzaffarnagar Opening ceremony of Cbse cluster 2012 Well snvp doing good in every field .
Mr. Pushkar Bohra CBSE sports director Opening ceremony of Cbse cluster 2012 We are seeing SNVP works according to the norms of cbse as Mr. vishal jain has also mentioned.
Mr. M.P Singh Member Zila Panchayat Opening ceremony of Cbse cluster 2012 In this session i think snvp booming in meerut…
Mr Neeraj Panwar International Athletic Opening ceremony of Cbse cluster 2012 This school provides the good education with sports and extra activities.
Mr. Gaurav Tyagi Coach Kalish Prakesh Stadium Opening ceremony of Cbse cluster 2012 Fabulous school. May you keep the good work that has become your hallmark.
Mr. C.S Bohra CBSE Observer Closing ceremony of CBSE Cluster 2012 He boosted the students to raise their morale high through out their life. This school provides the good education with sports and extra activities.
Mr R.P Singh A.E.O of C.B.S.E Book Fair 2012 S.N.VP a brand which attracts all without a second thought attracts me as well. What an awesome way being implemented to help a child grow holistically. Wow, it feels really nice to get a glimpse of activities both academic and extra curricular happening at school. Fabulous school
Mr S.C. Panda CBSE NCF 2005 Workshop 2012 I wish the school all success and ever increasing progress year after year.
MrJ.V.G.Krishnamurti FORMER ELECTION COMMISSIONER OF INDIA Pratibha Samman Samroh2012 In S.N.VP there is facility of extra co-curricular , which helps the child in all around development
Mr. Tanveer Zafar Ali Vice Chairman MDA Republic Day Celebration 2013 Iam happy to find that SNVP has progressed steadily from onemile stone to another in its small and humble but sure and dignified way.May your endeavour get all the impetus and strength from God Almighty.
Mr. chandrveer singh MLA Republic Day Celebration 2013 I am extremely delighted to learn that SNVP provides its students many opportunities for developing ,learning and acquiring various skills to prepare them to face the facts of life ahead. Accept my heartfelt felicitation.
Mr. Chaman singh Artist Art & Painting Competition 2013 I wish to all success to the students who aspire to sore high on their budding wings of aesthetic and moral values , scientific outlook and universal brotherhood.
Mr. Shahid Manjoor M.L.A Art & Painting Competition 2013 SNVP today has a name and reputation of its own ,which itself is an index of its effective teaching system and good academic result------I wish all the success to SNVP.
Mr. Navdeep Rinwa D.M.,MEERUT Opening ceremony of Li-Ning Badminton Academy School is well disciplined. The school has shown an excellent spirit of enthusiasm and desire for development , availing every opportunity to display its talents.
Mr. Ram Malhotra Country Head , Li-Ning Badminton Opening ceremony of Li-Ning Badminton Academy The school is located in a very cozy and convenient location . Overall the school looks very nice.
Mr. Chetan Anand National Badminton Player closing ceremony of Li-Ning Badminton Academy Best of luck SNVP.May you keep the good work that has become your hallmark..
Mr. Shahid Manjoor M.L.A Pratibha Samman Samaroh 2013 SNVP is an institution with a unique approach towards academic Excellence.
Mr.Mr. Manjoor Ahmed Vice-chancellor, Subharti University Pratibha Samman Samaroh 2013 I wish good luck to the school and everyone associated with it.


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