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This approach provides children with a 360 degree educational experience. Day boarding has been created so that a child looks upon school as a second home. Like a home away from home, all requisites are provided to children so that they grow into responsible and healthy individuals.Comprehensive and holistic education through a developmental approach is the need of the hour. For a system of education to be considered wholesome it is imperative that games and sports occupy prominent place in the school curriculum. Like-wise, co-curricular activities leading to creative activities pursued happily for rest and relaxation on regular basis go a long way in contributing to the wholesomeness of education.

The day boarding concept is invested to give relief not only to students but also to their parents. The long hours at school make the life of a student a joyful experience. Completion of most of the home work at school them more leisure time to play and relax with parents, siblings and friends.

A child is not burdened with carrying a heavy school bag daily to school as his books are kept in an independent locker within the classroom. Another point where a day boarding school vastly differs from other schools is that the student-teacher ratio is kept within manageable limits, so that even the shy, withdrawn and diffident students feel encouraged to clarify their doubts and interact with the teacher. This enables each teacher to reach out and help a child understand the curriculum, enjoy learning and allied activities during the school hours. Therefore, there are no back benchers.

Shanti Niketan Vidyapeeth also provides opportunity to the child to develop good eating habits - avoid fussing on food and learn to enjoy well-cooked, nutritious and a balanced diet provided by the school. The school provides breakfast, lunch, juice, milk and snacks to all day boarders only according to the menu, prepared by the school considering the calorie contents required for the students for their growing age under the supervision of teachers.

During this time, table manners and proper group behaviours are taught through real life experience. The long day school concept is a blessing for working parents so that the child is under the supervision of understanding, caring and committed teachers. We firmly believe that a parent's job is to give to the child time, to share love and imbibe the moral values which are so essential for the development of the child.

Features :

  • Equal importance is given to academics and co-curricular pursuits.
  • Younger children are not burdened with carrying heavy school bags to and from the school.
  • An oasis for nuclear families with working parents.
  • A special hour is devoted daily to activities that are of interest to students.
  • These activities include art, music, martial arts, sports, yoga, dramatics, dance, skating amongst a host of other such activities.
  • Special trainers will conduct these activities to ensure participation and successful learning.
  • In case of an emergency, a trained full-time doctor and nurse will be on hand.
  • This approach ensures that children set an all round development.

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