Co-curricular activities at SNVP are a means of channelizing students' instincts into healthy and fruitful channels e.g. instinct of curiosity can be fruitfully channelized by library, stamp and coin collection etc. The instinct of gregariousness can be directed through self government, social service and other group work.

A student is a bundle of innate urges or drives. It is natural for him/her to be curious, to show off, to master, to be loyal and to be sympathetic. Co-curricular activities at SNVP provide valuable opportunities in which these drives may be capitalised for educational benefit.

By providing a number of co-curricular activities, we ensure the expression of potential capacities of each individual e.g. writing, public speaking, dramatics, painting, different games and sports, organisation of functions etc. which provide training in different aspects of personality of students. These activities, thus, cater to aptitude, interests and abilities of students and sometimes act as a determining factor for the choice of future vocation.

Social cooperation is recognised as one of the important demands of citizenship. It is difficult to teach through school subjects like Languages, Mathematics or Social Sciences. By participating in group activities in school, students learn good manners and develop a sense of co-operation. Membership in SNVP clubs, student council, dramatic cast or an athletic team motivates co-operation. Students learn to appreciate the relationship of an individual to the social group.

Through team activities, students learn social cooperation. They develop group spirit, 'we' - feeling, belongingness, unity and ability to be co-operative.

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