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How to use ics file on Android :

1. Open Play store from your phone

2. Play Store App will appear and type iCalSync on the search bar

3. Tap on iCalSync

4. Tap on Install Button

5. Tap on Accept Button

6. Installation process begins

7. After the installation completes, tap on OPEN Button

8. iCalSync App will open. Tap on + icon

9. Enter the Calendar Name and enter

( copy paste and send email to mobile is an easier option to typing )

Change Sync Periods to 3 to 6 h

10. After filling all the details, tap here to save the calendar

11. Tap on OK

12. Tap here to start the synching process and exit from iCalSync

13. Open the Calendar app to view the synched calendar

14. Events from the synched calendar are displayed

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