Dear SNVP Alumni,

Welcome to YOUR page!

I am pleased to announce all that we have recently launched the official SNVP Alumni Association online on the SNVP website and also on Facebook as a community. 50 ex-students have already joined the Association through Facebook and SNVP website.

As you will move ahead in life, I am sure you will remember your school days and your batch-mates. There will be moments when you will wonder about the current happenings in the institution where you spent so many years, when you miss those days and friends who are very dear to you even today. Through this SNVP Alumni Association, we are seeking to provide a way to remain in touch with your batch mates and your school.

This is an opportune moment for you to register yourself in the Alumni database and add yourself to the Alumni group on Facebook so that you never lose your friends and the extended family at SNVP, no matter where life takes you in the future. The current happenings, news and photographs about alumni meets and school events are constantly being updated on the Facebook page on a day to day basis.

You can remain involved with the School in many ways. First and foremost, please keep us posted about your location and profession through your Alumni Registration Page. To connect with the SNVP Alumni Association Community on facebook, please send us a joining request at

You may kindly get in touch through phone number at 9520877777 or 9761622318 if you have any queries regarding Alumni Events or Facebook Community.

This School—your SNVP—is a very special place. Individually, and collectively, you, as alumni, are the measure of our success and the foundation of our future.

With best wishes,

(Vibha Gupta)



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