Spelling Bee Competition

A Spelling Bee Competition was  held at   SNVP on 23th July, 2011 with the objective to increase the students’ proficiency in spelling and broaden their vocabulary.

The preliminary round of the Spelling Bee Competition was participated by all students .

The final competition was held  at the primary school’s assembly area, where the competition was divided into two categories – Category A, which was for students OF CLASS- One and  Two and Category B,  was for students of  class  3.

The final competition of Category A & B  was won by Sneha  ( I A),Yash (II-C) ,Khushi (II-B),  Liza (II-A) &  Siddhant  ( I-A) .

The Director of  the  school Mr.Vishal Jain, , in his speech congratulated the winners of the Spelling Bee and all the students who made it to the final round. He further encouraged the students to continuously read more books, which will help them improve as well as increase their vocabulary and spelling skills.

The Headmistress of Primary wing also gave her heartiest congratulations to all the participant students and wished them a bright future ahead.