‘Overnight Pajama Party’ @ SNVP

IMG-20190217-WA0045IMG-20190217-WA0050SNVP organized an ‘Overnight Pajama Party’ for the students on Saturday ,16 of Feb 2019 . till the next morning. The teachers and heads, along with the students were a part of this exciting party.

The party was an opportunity to create a great atmosphere to connect learning with frolic and fun at school, a ‘home away from home’. The primary aim behind this overnight event was to teach kids how to be independent, so that they begin to assert autonomy to develop social connections outside their immediate family and home.
During the activities at the ‘Overnight Pajama Party’, the children learnt to collaborate, discuss with each other and plan. This party provided a very safe and happy ambience that promoted learning.

The Pajama Party was one joyous memory to cherish!!