On 26-01-12, a Jodo Gyan workshop was organised for the teachers in order to bring novelty in their teaching skills. The work shop helped the teachers to understand how to use the jodo gyan kit effectively and efficiently to clear the different concepts of Mathematics.

Jodo Gyan believes in giving a child an edge by enhancing his arithmetic ability, reasoning, problem solving skills, part-whole and figure identification skills. Be it Fraction Kit, Number Sticks, Juggling, Stringing Beads, Taming the Tables, Digit Cards ,Jodo Gyan concepts have provided a wonderful opportunity for the teachers to develop the mental arithmetic abilities of a child.

Through these games, children play with numbers and develop competency in the concepts of counting, addition, subtraction, place value, recall of multiplication tables with ease. Jodo Straws, Rangometry, Tangram, Geoboard empower the children to distinguish different colours, sizes and shapes and develop Out of the Box Thinking.

The participants expressed their satisfaction at the outcome of the workshop and conveyed their desire to attend more such in future.