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Newspaper clipping of Ozone Day Celebration

Newspaper clipping of Re-schedule of S.A-1 Exam class IX & X

S.A I Syllabus Class I-V

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S.A -1 Date sheet Class I to X ( 2013-14)


Date sheet (2013-14 )half yearly CLASS XI & XII

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date sheet 2013-14 half yearly CLASS XI TO XII

Teachers day celebration

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The students of SNVP celebrated Teacher’s Day on  5th of September’13. This day has a special place in hearts of the students and teachers.

The students of the senior section had taken up the responsibility of ‘Teaching’ their younger counterparts and they had also arranged for a special program for their teachers.The program  began with Sarswati vandana.

Students of  class XI & XII  Simron , Nidhi , Nishat  paying ode to their facilitator through a dance performance . The girls of Class I to X    made the audience tap their feet with their dance .
The head boy briefed students about Dr. Radhakrishna and his endeavours in the field of education .  Ronak  of Class  IX  made the audience go ‘wow’ with every move they made in their  dance. Various games were conducted by the students for the teachers. The teachers displayed their talents in music, dance, etc. Teachers were honoured with mementos and gifts. The students emphasised the origin of teachers day celebration and the importance of celebrating it.
Principal Mr. Vishal Jain said that he was greatly touched by the emotions of the students and congratulated the teachers.