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Inter House First Aid Box Making Competition

With the aim of developing the skills of the students and providing them a basic understanding about first aid, an   Inter House First Aid Kit Making Competition was organized on  27 April 2013 in the school.The students from classes I to X participated in this competition. The following students won the prizes :

1st     Jaya Bansal                                            I-A

2nd    Harshit                                                   II-A

1st       Samridhi                                              III-C

2nd     Krishna                                                IV-A

1st      Anubhav ,Kush , Priyansh                 IV-B

2nd    Avantika ,Anurag                                  V-C

1st     Madiha ,Abhinav,Harsh Malik             VI-A

2nd   Itisha,Archika, Vidushi                          VII-A

Prashant                                                            VII-B

1st Prize      Garima Singh                               VIII-C

2nd Prize  Himansh ,AbhishekVerma             X-A,  IX-B

1st      Shubham ,Harsh Goal ,Apurva ,Swati     IX-C

2nd   Vishesh                                                           X-B

Congratulations!  to all the winners


Newspaper clippings of Traffic Awareness Programme


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Traffic awareness programme at Begum bridge & Baccha park

Newspaper clippings of Traffic awareness programme

Snvp got special prize in Inter School Non Fire Cooking Competition

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Students from class IX and X participated in Inter School Non Fire Cooking Competition and got special prize. This competiton was held in College Of Applied Education & Health Science,Meerut.

Principal Mr Vishal Jain  and Director Col. R.S Jakhar appreciated the students .


Inter House Non-Fire Cooking and Vegetable carving Competition

Today on April 20, 2013 Inter House Non-Fire Cooking Competition was organized for classesI to V and  vegetable carving was organized for  VI and X 2013 in our school. Students participated actively and prepared delicious dishes like Mocktails, Sandwiches, Desserts, salads etc. the presentation of eatables was remarkable .

Students were delighted to have such an activity in school and share what they have produced with their classmates. The purpose of fruit and vegetable carving is to make the food look more attractive and appetizing. The students  used different vegetables to create many artistic carvings; to name a few there were figures of crocodile, peacock, snow man and many more….

Principal Mr Vishal Jain  appreciated the students for showing such wonderful presentations.


Newspaper clippings of Road Safety and Traffic Awareness programme conducted AT SNVP MEERUT

Road Safety and Traffic Awareness programme conducted

Road Safety and Traffic Awareness programme was conducted at snvp  on 13 April 2013, by TSI Mr. Adesh Kumar  and his team .   He  emphasized the importance of  following “ Road Safety Measures” while travelling on Roads, wearing of “Helmet “ avoiding Mobile chatting while travelling and so on.  He also explained the  duties of NCC Cadets in aid of Traffic Police in the Community at large.  Road Safety measures have been presented through a Poster.Some tips like, Importance of lane driving and lane discipline and use of zebra crossing when on foot, Use of foot path while walking, observing Signals and Obeying Traffic Rules and Avoiding driving after consuming alcohol, were presented in this programme with regard to Road Safety.






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Today on 13 April 2013 an inter class display board competition was held for classes I to X which filled all the students with encouragement and they took part with great interest. Students had shown their creativity in the form of different articles, sketches, cutouts etc.  All the display boards were well arranged. The display boards were speaking the hard work of students on their own.

The judgement of the competition was based on theme, concept and overall presentation and the judgement was done in  different categories i.e.

Junior Group  & Senior Group

On the basis of these criteria

Junior Group V C VI -C IV B
Senior Group IX-C X-C IX-B

All the students displayed their talent and their creative and aesthetic skills. Principal Mr. Vishal Jain appreciated the work done by the students.


Newspaper clipping of Induction Programme