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Workshop on Communication & Neutral Accent

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One day training session on Communication and Neutral Accent  was conducted at SNVP  on 30th March 2013 for students and teachers so that they are able to speak  in a better way.The main resource person was Ms. Ankita Jain who stressed that the primary aim of teaching English was to make children help speak the language. She  emphasized the need of developing listening skills among students through sound tracks. Students & teachers gained a wide knowledge on various topics   like preparation of speech, using body language, manners and etiquettes, event management, overcoming stage fear, accent development, situational/functional English and lot more. Speaking on the session , Mr.Vishal Jain, Principal, said, “This is a wonderful opportunity to collaborate and share insights about English language teaching, which is very important . we’re hoping to work together to make English  more meaningful.”.

In  training session  follow points were covered-

• Classification of vowel and consonant sounds

• Learning phonetic symbols as per the International Phonetic alphabet

• Identifying vowel, diphthong and consonant sounds as per International Phonetic Alphabet

• Accurate Formation of vowel, diphthong and consonant sounds, with correct use of articulators [speech organs]

• Consonant blends• Final sounds of plural nouns and past tense verbs

• Understanding syllables

• Syllable Stress in Words

• Word stress in Sentences- content words vs. functon words

• Pronunciation of common words.

• Intonation & Rhythm of speech• Differences between Indian & Global [Neutral] Accent

• Common Indian mispronunciations and how to correct them

• Syllable stress exercises and word games.

• Focus word practice

• Listening Skills

Some students shared their experience of the workshop too.

Result Announced and Parent Teacher Meeting

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Parent Teacher Meeting was held in the school between 8:00am-12:00noon on 29th March 2013. In which result was Announced and Reflection sheets/results were handed over to the parents who turned up according to their time-slots given prior to the meeting. Discussions about the child’s performance and progress were the main criteria of today’s meeting. The parents unanimously expressed their happiness over the progress of the school and the efforts of the management and the teachers in the all round development of the students.

On the occasion, the Principal Mr. Vishal Jain thanked the parents for their cooperation for the betterment of the school.


Newspaper clipping of Holi Celebration

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Festival Of Colours at SNVP

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The festival of colours was celebrated in the SNVP premises with a lot of enthusiasm and cheerfulness today. Students enjoyed playing holi with herbal colours with their friends and teachers.  SNVP campus was filled with colours and the atmosphere became beautiful as all the members of the SNVP family threw abeer and gulal in the air showing great joy and mirth in the arrival of this Spring Festival.

Special care was given to kids who are not so fond of colors. The air reverberated with Holi songs. They were treated with delicacies specially prepared for the day – Gujia. The students were really excited while playing Holi as it could be seen in their face and by their moves. The entire campus was enveloped with applause and energy. It was a sparking event, indeed.

At the end the Principal Mr. Vishal Jain gave an eco friendly message to all students to play Holi with dry colors only and not to throw balloons on passerby. He  also explained  about the significance of Holi and the importance of colours in one’s life. He wished the staff members and students a prosperous and safe holi

SNVP wishes everyone a very happy holi!


Winners of Saviours

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Newspaper clipping of workshop

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