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Inter School Taekwondo Tournament

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12th Taekwondo Tournament was organized at snvp .It was an Interschool Competition in which 600 students from 25 schools participated. The competition was inaugurated on Friday, 29th Nov.   Principal , Mr. Vishal Jain declared the opening of the tournament. It was a two-day event categorized according to ‘Weight and Age’ of the participants. There were different groups for boys and girls as well. The school administration took care for the general rules and Management of the various events.

Saturday 30th Nov. was the day for felicitation and Closing Ceremony of the Tournament.

Principal , Mr. Vishal Jain  encouraged the children with his blessing words and gave away the prizes to winners and highlighted the importance of games and Taekwondo for the development of social and emotional skills in student life.

Winners of various categories were awarded with Gold, Silver & Bronze Medals. Trophies were given to the best player (Boy & Girl) of the tournament. Teams of various schools were awarded with trophies.

For best overall presentation Taekwondo Cup was given to Shanti Niketan Vidyapeeth followed by Delhi Public School and J.P. Academy  who were placed at second and third place respectively.


15th National Science Olympiad

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Students rally against plastic

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A group of students of SNVP  took out a “Say no to plastic” rally today to encourage people to shun polythene bags and do their bit for a safer environment. students of Class V and VI participated in the rally, organised by the Eco Club of the school. Holding aloft banners carrying slogans dissuading the use of plastic , the students visited Salarpur and they encouraged the use of eco-friendly bags, re-usable water bottles.

“We mainly wanted to educate the children about the use of eco-friendly materials, so that they can drive home the message to their family and friends. Children are great communicators. And as they are innocent, people feel obliged to listen to them,” said Mr.Vishal Jain , Principal.



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Sports activities was conducted n the k.g section in the previous week and all the kids participated with great enthusiasm and zeal  in all the sports like races, kick & run, jumping etc.

Principal Mr.Vishal Jain congratulated all the participants and presented medals and certificates to the little sportsmen who had win in these sports activities.

Dettol Soap Hygiene Workshop

SNVP organized a workshop on “Importance of Handwashing” on 24th November 2012 with an expert team from Dettol. The workshop aimed at making a difference by promoting healthy hygiene habits and educating the students on proper ways of hand washing.

The students of classes I – V were enlightened about the importance of liquid hand wash over ordinary soap bars. It was demonstrated how the special formula in liquid hand wash removed 99% germs in first ten seconds. The students observed their own hands under ultra violet (U.V.) light and appreciated the decrease in the amount of germs after using the liquid hand wash. They were highly motivated to follow healthy hygienic habits in order to stay fit and healthy.


Trip to Rail museum & Doll Museum

Snvpians does Tree Plantation

Students of Eco Club of SNVP  went for a tree plantation  on 17-11-12.   They planted saplings of semul, arjun, jamun and neem in a patch near Green Garden. They urged  to save and conserve trees for a greener earth.

Diwali pooja ceremony at SNVP

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Today on the auspicious occasion of diwali , the staff of SNVP began their day with a pooja held in the school premises. Principal   Mr. Vishal Jain along with our esteemed chairman sir Shri. Nageen Chand Jain with their families graced the occasion. The pooja ceremony took place very peacefully and in a very enjoyable manner after which sweets were distributed among the whole staff.




Closing ceremony of CBSE Cluster III Boys Athletics Championship 2012

The Closing ceremony of CBSE Cluster III  Boys Athletics Championship 2012 took place at 3 P.M. on 10th November, at Shanti Niketan Vidyapeeth,  Campus, celebrating the magnificence, grandeur and the achievements of three days.

Mr. Pushker Bohra (Sports Director ,CBSE) graced the occasion as the Chief Guest and Mr. Amit Aggrwal( Formal M.L.A.) was the Guest of Honour.

The  ceremony started with the assembling of teams. The ground was garlanded by colourful teams and triumphant smiles. The athletes left no stone unturned to compete and with this tussle and daunting courage, they all came out to be the champions. The participants proved their mettle and registered victory in various events. Winners were on the seventh cloud dancing in the glory brought to their school and parents. Principal Mr. Vishal Jain  welcomed the chief guest and the guest of honourand and the other dignitaries present in the school.

The  ceremony was accompanied by spectacular show put up by the students of the SNVP. The students gave effervescent performances like Rajasthani and Dandia  Dance.

To add to the charm with dilated pupils, screaming lungs, the loud roar and clamor of encouragement the Best Athlete U19 trophy (boys) was bagged by  Khalsa Academy Roorkee.

U 19  ,  Godwin Public Meeut won the first position, Diwan Public Meerut ,Police Modern School Meerut secured the second and third positions respectively.
. U16 Sarswati Vihar School Saharanpur won the first positionArmy Public ,Mother India Public Uttarakhand secured the second and third positions respectively.
After the events, As a token of love and affection, a memento was presented to the chief guest by  Principal Vishal Jain. The CBSE observer Mr. C.S. Bohra and officials who had contributed in the success of the championship were honored by the Management. The Chief Guest Mr. Pushker Bohra congratulated the winning team and also applauded the efforts put by other teams. Mr. Vishal Jain, Principal conveyed his special thanks to all the guests, participants and to all those who contributed even in tinniest manner making the event a success. He further congratulated all the winners, praying for their glorious future ahead. The Meet was declared close by the chief Guest. The objective of the event was to espouse the confidence, development of leadership qualities and sense of responsibility among the students. The three day meet was a display of skill, grit and competition proving sports an inalienable part of the educational process and a factor for promoting peace, friendship, cooperation and understanding among people. This three day event left every one mesmerized and has left a trail of success for the years to come and days to go by.