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The students of class –I to VIII enthusiastically participated in  salad making  &  Flower Arrangement  competition  on 18th February 2012.  The students brought fresh vegetables and fruits from home. The salad making which included cutting, peeling, decorating and other actions, were undertaken on the spot within the time frame given. In FLOWER ARRANGEMENT   the children enjoyed arranging the variety of colorful flowers and leaves which they had brought from their houses for the occasion. All the students participated enthusiastically. They unleashed their creativity and using a variety of ingredients, made interesting presentations.  Mr. Vishal Jain,Principal said he was very impressed with the effort of the students.

SALAD MAKING   winners -

Group-B                                               Group-C                                                       Group-D

I – Vikas       (I -A) Suhani   III-A , Amisha IV-A Abdul VII-C  ,Saif VII-C
I- kavya              (II -A) Vikhyat  V-A, Itisha V-A Anjani  VI-B Pakhi VI-B
II – Mantasha (I -B) Shreyansh III-C, Muskan VI-B , AakanshaVI-B
II –Ashmit     (II –B) Bhoomika  V-C , Ritika     V-C Bilal VI-B ,OsamaVI-B ,Maaz VI-B
III – Kunal    (I -A)  

Geetika V-B,


Anjali VII-B , Harshita VII-B

III-Kumkum (II –B) Kavari III-A, Aditya IV-C Kajal VII-B ,  Ayush VI-B
Kartik Deswar IV-C 

Pancham IV-B

Utsav VI-C ,Parul    VI-B,Utkarsh VII C


Flower Arrangement  winners -

Group-C Group-D
Hamza               V-B Shivam   Chhabra       VII-B
Ashish , Anmol V-A Saif                                VII-B
Kunal                V-A Atin                               VII-B
Udit                    V-B Iti VII-B ,Muskan          VII-B



















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