Daily Archives: January 5, 2012

Educational trip to Nuclear Atomic Power Plant

Today students of SNVP visited  Nuclear Atomic Power Plant ,at Narora.The purpose of the visit was to learn more about energy sources.  The trip showed  all of the safe-operating parts of the plant. Students saw some of the tubing of the river water that runs into the plant, and then they went into the control room. The control room  is completely computerized, and every single system has two independent checks. They saw the redundancy systems of the backup batteries, backup engines, and they also saw a cut-open model of the turbines that are used to actually generate the steam power for the unit. There is a visitor’s center on-site which had very well done wall-size models showing every step of the processing from uranium to the electricity; it also showed the precautions taken to see that there was no leakage to protect the workers and how electricity can be generated; it showed them models of the power of the rods and of the little pellets and the size of those so that a student entering the visitor’s center would learn a great deal .The  trip was  complete package of knowledge.