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Special Assembly on the auspicious occassion of Eid-ul-Fitr

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On August, 30th ,  all students gathered in Assembly ground   to celebrate marked the festival of Eid-ul-Fitr  with much enthusiasm and passion.
Simron of JalHouse (class IX A) explained the importance of Eid-ul-Fitr and shared how this festival is celebrated across the globe!

followed by Eid  Mubarq  song was   presented by(classVI A) Tuba ,versha,shweta & muskan. everyone participated with great enthusiasm and enjoyment. The Chairman of the School, Sh.Nageen Chand Jain  gave his heartiest congratulations and greetings to the students.

Newspaper clippings of Volley ball inter school tournament

Volley Ball Inter School Tournament

Winner- SNVP
Runner- DAV Shatri Nagar
Congratulations! Keep it up

Volley ball inter school tournament

Volley ball tournament at SNVP .
Schools participating :
Shanti niketan vidyapeeth
Godwin school
St. Johns
Karan public school
St. Francis
JP academy
DM international
Dewan public school




Newspaper clippings – Project on ‘ Learnings from Anna’

S.A I Date sheet (2011-12)

S.A I Date sheet   (class IIIto X)

Winner of Taekwondo Championship

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Manu Chaudhary of class IX-C participated in an Invitational Taekwondo
Championship organized    by Meerut  Amateur Taekwondo Organisation held at Karan Public School on 7th August2011 .She bagged the first prize  a beautiful trophy alongwith an appreciation certificate .The Principal   gave his heartiest congratulations and wished  a bright future ahead.

Newspaper clippings

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SANSKRIT WEEK’ was celebrated in SNVP  from 16th August 2011 to 24th August 2011  . Various programmes related to  Sanskrit language were organised in which the children participated with great enthusiasm.

Following  programmeswere conducted during this week :
1.  Sanskrit  Shlok
2.  Sanskrit  Poem Recitation
3.  Sanskrit Story Telling
4.  Sanskrit Elocution
5.  Sanskrit Quiz  

Hard work put in by all the students and teachers, this week was a great success.

The main purpose of celebrating ‘SANSKRIT WEEK’ was to awaken the students about the utility of the language
and achieve excellence in its usage.H.O.D of Sanskrit Dep. concluded the program by telling that Sanskritis the oldest language, is easy to understand, scientific and the mother of all languages.
The Director of the school MR.Vishal Jain  encouraged the students to improve their percentage by studying this language with dedications and hard work.