Daily Archives: July 9, 2011

Iner House Activity

Today on 9th July 2011 , Saturday Inter house activity for classes I – X was organised in 4 different groups in which students from all the four houses i.e. Akash , Jal , Prithvi & Vayu participated with full enthusiasm.

Group             Classes                Activity

B                      I-III                   VISIT TO PAPER MILL

C                      IV-VI                  STAGE PERFORMANCE

D                      VII-IX                STAGE PERFORMANCE

E                      X                          STAGE PERFORMANCE

Group B students went to Nageen Prakashan for the visit where they saw and learnt the way of printing magazines and books. Group C, D & E performed skit, songs & dances in groups. All the performances were remarkable.     The judge for Group C, D &  E was           Ms. Priyanka Sharma.

Motivational Session For Class XI & XII

Today i.e., 9th July 2011, S.N.V.P organised a workshop for the students of class XI & XII. Mr.Rahul Bhatnagar from Mentor educational research institute  Meerut, was invited to council the students . His main objective was to initiate into the students as how they can overcome their weaknesses and become successful in life. He told many ways and strategies of they can achieve success . He gave many examples and important tips for a successful carrier to the students.

Mr. Bhatnagar was very impressed by the Snvp’ians and promised to held another workshop very soon in which he will tell about the secrets of toppers of IIT entrance exam, that how they study and crack the entrance. The session will be “MISSION IIT”.

Parents Teachers Conference

Time : 9.30 am

Day : Saturday

Venue : Library

Today our school has organised Parents Teachers Conference for the parents of class XII students. The main objective was to update the parents about the academic progress of their ward as well as the importance of education. Our respected Principal Mr. Rajeev Singhal addressed the parents and emphasized over the importance of education in the life of a student. The dictum implies that one can’t attain phenomenal success without making sincere efforts. There is no substitute for hard work. There is no shortcut to success. Nobody achieves greatness overnight, the secret of their success is hard and systematic work. Every student should be regular to school and the cooperation of parents is required at every step.

As we know health is wealth, so parents should take proper care of the health of their ward , check their bags daily and keep an eye on them. He also mentioned that our basic aim is to finish up with the syllabus till 31st October 2011 so that after that we can have regular practise of board pattern question papers. During the conference many suggestions came from the parents side also. It was quite an interesting session between the teachers parents and students.