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Career Counselling for XI & XII

Today i.e. on 28th April 2011, career counselors from FIITJEE institute were present in S.N.V.P. among the science students of class XI & XII. They shared important information about how the career of the students can be shaped and discussed about the various career options available for the students after class XII.

The students took much interest and cleared all their doubts and queries. The two faculty members who came from FIITJEE were IITians themselves from Rorke.

It was a mind blowing and educational session for all the students.

Inter House spell bee and group discussion

Today in the morning assembly the results for the last Saturday activity that was held on 23th April 2011 were declared. The activity for Group C & D was spell bee and for Group E was group discussion . All the students performed very well in spell bee and some of the students performed above expectations in group discussion for which the topics were Change in trend of education & Increasing rate of youth in crime.

Principal Mr.Rajeev Singhal and all the staff members congratulated the winners of the activity and encouraged all the students to do better in future.

बच्चों ने लिया आनंद हार्स राईडिंग का

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आज  विद्यालय प्रांगण के क्रीडा स्थल  पर प्राईमरी विंग  के छात्र – छात्राओं ने प्रशिक्षक की निगरानी में घुड़सवारी का आनंद लिया । इस  अवसर पर सभी बच्चे उत्साहित नज़र आए। विद्यालय के अध्यक्ष   श्री नगीन चंद जैन ने बताया हार्स राईडिंग शांति निकेतन विद्यापीठ की विशिष्ट पहचान है जहा बच्चों को  इस प्रकार की गतिविधियों से प्रकृति के करीब जुड़ने का अवसर प्राप्त होता है साथ ही जानवरों के प्रति दयालुता का भाव भी विकसित होता है। यह बच्चों में आत्मविश्वास एंव शारीरिक फिटनेस बढाने में सहायक है।

Inter – house poster making and slogan writing competition

On 9th April 2011 i.e. Saturday, inter-house poster making and slogan writing competition was held for group B, C, D & E respectively. The results for this competition were announced today in the morning assembly. The principal Mr. Rajeev Singhal gave away the certificates to the winning students with lots of blessings and encouragement to participate in these co-curricular activity as they play an important role in our life. All the staff members congratulated the students and the fellow classmates encouraged them with huge round of applause’s.


SNVP Students of the primary section enjoyed the sizzling cool of the swimming pool today in the activity time in the morning hours. They learnt the skills of swimming and the precautions required while being in the pool under the supervision of the trainer and primary section teachers. It was really an exciting activity for the little kids as they enjoyed the cool water with their friends as well as teachers.

Pool Party

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The Children of the primary section  had a pool party on 23rd Apri’11 at the school swimming pool.  Children were very excited and full of enthusiasm. Children came in full swimming costume attire with their caps and goggles. They splashed in the pool and had fun and frolic. Apart from enjoying in the pool, fun and learning was also witnessed at the pool and they learnt about sliding and floating. Teachers explained to the children that liquid takes the shape of all the containers it is put into and the teachers demonstrated the same in front of them. Further the teachers showed them, by using different objects, how things float and sink. For e.g. teachers carried objects like balloons, sponge, coins, stones etc. They imparted the knowledge by explaining to the children that heavy things when put in to the water sink and lighter things float when put in to the water. So,through these pool parties children not only enjoyed a lot but also gained knowledge
झूमती इठलाती सुहानी भोर …………..
लहरों से अठखेलिया करते नौनिहाल…………………..
यह नजा़रा था विद्यालय स्थित तरणताल का जहा आज कक्षा 1 से 3 तक के विद्यार्थियों ने पढाई के अतिरिक्त
कुछ पल स्वीमिंग पूल में  मस्ती करके धमाल मचाया एंव  प्रशिक्षक की निगरानी में अपनी तैराकी कुशलता का परिचय दिया। विद्यालय के अध्यक्ष   श्री नगीन चंद जैन ने बताया कि सी सी ई की पाठ्य सहगामी गतिविधियों के अंतर्गत इस प्रकार की प्रतिभागिता से बच्चों का सार्वभौमिक विकास होता है एंव आत्मविश्वास का संचालन होता है।


SNVP students pledged to keep our mother earth green and clean on the occasion of World Earth Day. Students of classes 6th & 7th presented wonderful & informative speeches, poems, plays and successfully spread awareness regarding the concept of reduce, refuse, reuse, recycle of waste products. They also encouraged everyone to stop the use of polybags and contribute in saving the environment and our beloved mother earth.

Mr. Vishal Jain appreciated the efforts of the students as well as teachers and stated that only a little change in our life style can greatly contribute in saving our earth from disasters like global warming, depletion of valuable resources, pollution etc.

Earth Day Celebrations at SNVP

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Snvp celebrated Earth Day on 21st April 2011. Earth Day was first celebrated on 22nd April 1970 in the United States. Senator Gaylord Nelson of the United States founded Earth Day. It is the largest, most widely celebrated international environmental event. Earth day is celebrated to create awareness amongst people about protecting the biodiversity (that is plants and animals), reducing air, water, nuclear, soil and land pollution, promoting alternative sources of energy like Solar energy.

On this occasion, a special assembly was held in the school where students and especially members of the Environment Club discussed  the importance of the environment and how they could preserve it. A pledge to protect it was taken by the students. The Chairman, Mr.NageenChand Jain  and the teachers planted saplings in the gardens of the school. Various activities like the exhibition of eco-friendly models, slogan writing, T-shirt painting and dry flower arrangement were organized for the students in the Environment Week.

Fun ‘n’ frolic trip to Fun ‘n’ Food Village

On Tuesday i.e. 19th April 2011 the senior students of classes 11 & 12 went to Fun ‘n’ Food Village at Gurgaon with the mentor of school Mr.Vishal Jain , principal Mr.Rajeev Singhal along with  some of the senior teachers. The trip was joyful as well refreshing for the students. They had all the water rides as well swings which was overwhelming for them. The students enjoyed each moment of the trip starting from the bus journey from Meerut to Delhi and coming back from their as well. It was a memorable trip for the students as well as the teachers. The mentor Mr.Vishal Jain promised the children to organize one more trip for them in the near future.


There was a training session organized on 19th April 2011 in the afternoon hours for the new students as well as teachers to make them aware of the CCE System. The experienced faculty members of the institution like Mrs. Indra Chauhan, Mrs. Neena Pandey, Mrs. Raveena, Mrs. Swati Paul, Ms Swati Tyagi gave a detailed description of the Formative Assessments conducted in the school and made them aware of the unique ideas and methods of conducting those F.As.

It was overwhelming to see the excitement of the new students while knowing the different ways in which they can appear in their tests through various F.As and show their hidden talents and skills. The students were also astonished  to see the variety of F.As for different subjects. It was truely an enriching and fruitful experience for the trainers as well as learners.