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Interview of IPS Mr. Rajiv Ranjan Singh

Stu:What is your name sir?

Mr. Rajiv: My name is Rajiv Rajan Singh.

Stu: Sir, what you are?

Mr. Rajiv:I am an  IPS officer .

Stu: Sir, from where you are?

Mr. Rajiv: I am from Jharkhand.

Stu:Sir.what is your qualification and from where you have done it?

Mr. Rajiv: B.Tech in Electronics from IIT kanpur.

Stu: Sir who/what inspired you  to became an IPS officer?

Mr. Rajiv: I wanted to wear a uniform of an IPS officer  and I liked the gun also that is why I have                         

       selected IPS as my profession.

Stu: Sir please tell us about your physical training ?

Mr. Rajiv: It was very difficult during the initially days but later it became very easy.

Stu: Sir, did you face any difficulty while achieving your goal?

Mr. Rajiv: Yes, I have faced may difficulties in achieving my goal, I have done part time job also in Tata Steels and side by side I was preparing for my IPS examination also.

Stu: Who was your ideal?

Mr. Rajiv: Inspector Julio Ribeiro.

Stu: At any moment did you feel that you can not become an IPS officer?
Mr. Rajiv: Yes, sometime I felt that I took a wrong decision but later I continued with this field only and got success also .

Stu: This time we are  so pressurised that we are not able to do anything , how can we decrease this pressure?

Mr. Rajiv: Just don’t listen to others and do what you want to do with your heart .

Stu: How many hours did you study in class 10?

Mr. Rajiv: I studied for 4 to 5 hours daily.

Stu: Sir, how we choose our goal ?

Mr. Rajiv: Yes it is a big problem to choose our goals, but right now you should not think      

       about it,first you concentrate on your studies only and after class 10th /12th  then    

       try to  guess your goal .

Stu: What is your favourite sport?

Mr. Rajiv: Squash and badminton.

Stu: How much percentage did you get in 10th or 12th and from which school?

Mr. Rajiv: In class 12th I got 89% and in class 10th I have got 90%, from DPS Dhanbad.

Stu: What is your e-mail id?


Stu: How do you feel being in our school today?

Mr. Rajiv: I felt very nice and here students are also very polite & school has very good atmosphere too.   

By-Prashant singh XI-A

      Anurag badgujjar  X-B

      Shubham bara  X-B

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Neetu Sharma Neetu Sharma

4 Responses to Interview of IPS Mr. Rajiv Ranjan Singh

  1. anurag says:

    i meet mr. rajiv ranjan singh he is a greeat person .he teach me many good thing. he also tel to me that what we have to do became a IPS is sch a good experence.

  2. azhar khan says:

    mr. singh he is a greeat person, he is very good person ,The practice is friendly, best of luck mr. singh

  3. I rearly like reading this as anurag ,prashant ,and shubham i think they have a great exprince …………while meating an I.S officer ……….
    i wish them all the best for there future ……..that our school will be the best school
    in whole world …………… :)
    be always happy ,………….
    and S.N.V.P the best scool ever ………………………………

  4. Satendra ojha says:

    good interview but i wish all rajiv ranjan named officers in police were like him. there are exceptions as this officer is bright mind, technocrat and a nice human being unlike some in delhi police.

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