Monthly Archives: July 2010

Munshi Premchand Jayanti

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SNVP celebrated the birthday of the ledendary ‘Upanyas Samrat Munshi Premchand’. Students presented a play on the life of this great novelist and exhibited his pictures and novels.Principal Mr. Vishal Jain stated that Hindi Literature is breathless without Munshi Premchand and we can never forget his contribution to it.

Visit to a Petrol Pump

SNVP Students visited the Numberdar Petrol pump at Hapur Road  on 31 July’10. Under the direction of Mrs. Neena Pandey & Mr. Jalal, students obtained knowledge about sound pollution and safety rules at petrol pump.

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9th Mac Fair International2010(24July-27July10)

Shanti Niketan Vidyapeeth participated in the ‘9th MACFAIR INTERNATIONAL 2010’ held at C.M.S, LUCKNOW. Seven students- Vaishali, Vasu, Swati, Manu, Sarthak, Deepanshu and Mehul along with team leader Mrs. Jyoti Sirohi got the privilege to attend all the international events. According to the students, CMS school’s hospitality towards each and every team who participated was unforgettable and marvellous. Through MACFAIR INTERNATIONAL, the students explored healthy avenues to release their capacities, developed their analytical abilities, build self-confidence, will power, goal setting competencies and instill  spiritual awareness and a moral vision in their young minds that will enable them to become self-motivated agents of social change committed to the welfare of humanity.

Last but not the least the students were highly inspired by the motivating words of founder manager of CMS-Dr. JAGDISH GANDHI who wished the students to grow not only in materialistic knowledge but also spiritual accomplishment…..

Visit to Kiddie corner & Mini Zoo

Today, Nursery class visited the kiddie corner. They enjoyed learning through nature which taught them about the colour of leaves, grass, trees, different flowers and many more. After that they visited the mini zoo in the campus where they imitated the quacking sound of duck and saw the rabbit and the habit of the rabbits. They learnt a number of things but in a play way method.

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Table Manners Competition

On 12th July 2010, Inter House Table Manners Competition was organized at SNVP for all the Classes. The points of the four houses were as follows:

Group (B,C,D,E)

House                                        Marks

Jal House                                  5  Marks

Akash House                            5  Marks

Vayu House                              5  Marks

Prithvi House                           5  Marks

Assembly in KG section

Today in kG Section children have done different rhymes related to shapes & colours and some warn up exercise like rub your finger, twist your body and s.n.v.p clap 12,123,12,123.

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Teacher’s Birthday Celebration

Seven staff members(Neetu Sharma, Devika, Ankita, Swati Gupta, Seema,Ruby, Jasbeer) celebrated their birthdays in the premises. A lunch was organized by those teachers and the management & others staff members wished them on the special day and blessed them with small gifts as token of love for them.

SNVP educating the whole child

There are different dimensions of a child which needs to be addressed in her/his education. These include the cognitive, physical, artistic, social, emotional and spiritual development. A program for children should take into account all these and seeks to integrate them into the child. Each of these dimensions should be honoured and consciously taught. Various research on intelligence are consistently telling us that intelligence is a dynamic process and is multidimensional. All children have special gifts. It becomes the responsibility of those involved with children to nuture the whole child and facilitate the development of both the strengths and the challenges of each child. We must also remember that children are naturally curious and they bring with them their desire to learn and to be involved. They most often have close relationship with the appreciation for nature and the natural sense of spirituality. It become the adults’ responsibility to support these qualities. SNVP strongly follows this thought and believes in educating a child-not in parts but at the whole.

Inter-house Face Painting competition

Students experienced the magic of colours in the premises on Saturday. Enthusiastic group of children belonging to four houses- Vayu, Prithvi, Akash & Jal skillfully applied the wide range of poster colours to make face painting competition a grand success. They applied bright and thick colours on the faces of their partners to design attractive tattoos revealing patriotic messages. These young painters made good use of their talent to convert canvasses into colourful and attractive paintings. School chairman, Shri Nageen Chand Jain inaugurated the competition. While addressing the gathering of students and teachers, he outlined the importance of colours in everyone’s life, especially children. School principal gave away the prizes to the winners highlighting that colours play a vital role in making the personality of a child.


Group (E)

Name                                             Class                   House

1.     Rahul Pahwa/

Shivam Prajapati                            X                        Vayu

2.     Anas Saifi / Parul Garg                   X                         Jal

3.     Prateek/Anjali                                 X                          Vayu

Sutirth/Arhit                                  X                         Akash

Group (D)

1.  Kunal Sharma/Pankaj                     VIIIB                 Akash

2. Shubhma Verma/Hardeep              IX C                   Prithvi

Khushi/Sanju                                        IX A                  Vayu

3. Ritika /Pooja jassar                           IX A                   Jal

Group   ( C)

1.  Dipankar                                            IV C                 Akash

Vikrant                                              IV A                Akash

2.  Ashish                                                 IV B                 Vayu

Hamza                                                 IV B                 Akash

Arsalan                                                IV B                  Vayu

Amar                                                   IV B                  Vayu

3. Rakshita                                               V A                 Prithivi

Prerna                                                  V A                 Prithvi

Amit                                                    IV B                Vayu

Shahid                                                 IV B                 Akash

Group  (B)

1.   Inderjeet                                              I B                     Prithvi

2.   Kavya                                                   I A                      Jal

3.    Zoha Javed                                         I C                       Vayu

Ashmit                                                 I A                      Akash


ON 26 july in KG section we have celebrated recap of shapes & colours. on this day we did actorties classwise same question have been asked to the students according to their standard.

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