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The academic year 2008-2009 came to an end on 25th March 2009 and the result was published on this auspicious day. All the students rushed to school to see thier result with great fear and expection. Whoever sowed the seeds with great effort, reared the fruits joyfully.

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Beginning of New Session 2009-10 New Director to SNVP

The expansion for the world TEAM is “Together everyone achieves more”. April Ist is the red letter day in the history of SNVP as a new Director Mr.Tondon joined our team to lead us to greater heights. Mr.Tondon is a great leader who has established five school in Meerut & his service ti the education fields can not be expressed by mere words. He is a scholar, writer and a pure educationist. He took charge as the Director and we hope our vision will be fullfilled with the help of his great visionary.

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Among thousands of parents, students and teachers all over city, the name SHANTI NIKETAN VIDYA PEETH  is no just well known, but acknowledged as a landmark on the road to higher education. Started over 5  year ago in Meerut. SNVP set itself a part almost immediately as an organization with commitment. Right from day one, SNVP stood for excellence, sincerity and an unswerving dedication to the needs of the students. Inspired by the enthusiastic response to the class XIth admission, SNVP resolved to make the same support available to thousands of IIT, CPMT & NDA aspirants, all over India. After some intensive research, SNVP has established resource centre, students that could prepare for IIT – JEE, AIPMT, NDA, and AIEEE & PMT. The most important aspects of resource centre is the faculty. The strength of our faculty members is in their unique IIT –JEE, NDA & PMT focused subject knowledge< years of experience that helps that sense the tumultuous state of mind of IIT, NDA or PMT focused aspirants. Motivational skills that inspire students to do that extra bit which is the hallmark of a topper and a caring attitude that goes beyond success in an entrance examination.

Student’s doubt clearing cell (S.D.C.C)

Students often encounter doubt regarding theory or problems of the study package to get these doubts cleared they often seek out their respective faculty members, who might be occupied in a class and may not be immediately accessible. As a solution to this problem, SNVP has pioneered the concept of SDCC, where five faculty members for different subjects are available during the working hours of the school on all working days for clearing doubts students without seeking any prior appointment, can take the help of this cell on days and at times convenient to them.

Seminars & Workshops

Success in IIT- JEE, NDA & PMT is not merely dependent on knowledge and skills acquired in physics, Chemistry & Mathematics. Students very easily lose motivation, especially in the preparation for a highly competitive exam like IIT – JEE, NDA & PMT etc. for example, if they score low marks in a test or quiz, or when their classmates do better than them, they go into depression and start reproaching themselves, sometimes to the extent of believing that they are not capable of clearing IIT – JEE ever. This may even result in their discontinuing from the course. It should be borne in mind that almost all the students face this problem, some time or the other. To boost their morale, to show them that success is achieved only by learning from repeated  failures and  that feeling low is normal. We conduct various seminars and workshops preparation. It needs mention that SNVP is the pioneer in conduction these uniquely designed workshops.