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Longest Rakhi (27 Aug’07)

SNVP is the first school of it kind to step into the Guinnese & Limca Book of Records. The depth of spirit, laid down on the foundation day gets deeper day by day by the efforts of SNVP family with young & highly energetic Managing Director Mr. Vishal Jain slogan “Country Before Self”. This slogan is ever time colored with his dedicated astonishin efforts to change the scenario of Meerut.

With high spirit, last year biggest kite of Meeru and this year a step ahead under the guidence of our most experienced Director Mr. Prem Mrhta and with his creative spirit we have made the Longest Rakhi of the world 270 ft long and create world history.This Historic Event was covered within one hour forty seven minutes.

This historic day witnessed by Chief Guest I. G. Mr. V.K. Gupta, Mr. Ranjit, Heart specialist Dr. Rajiv Agarwal and Mr. Ravi Sharma from Danik Jagran, Asst. Commissioner Provident of most of all the school and thousands of visitors.