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15 August 2006, was celebrated

60th year of INDEPENDENCE. the flag hosting was done by Shri Haji Shahid Akhlaq, MP and MAYOR of meerut the chief guest. There were patriotic songs, poems and dances which drifted us into deep sentiments and emotions towards our nation

Independence Day (15 August 06)

In our school, we celebrated the 60 years of democracy, sovereignty and autonomy in the form of ‘ Independence DayCelebration’.

In the morning, there was the flag – hoisting by our Chief Guest, Hazi Shahid Akhlaq, M.P. & Mayor of Meerut when all the students were arranged as per their class. The flag was hoisted near the school garden, followed by the National Anthem. The students were all still and sang the song from the bottom of their hearts and it was only the tricolour flag that flickered with the zephyr. The students were then made to settle down for the programme. First there was the lighting of the lamp by our Chief Guest, followed by the inspiring speeches.

There were patriotic songs, poems and dance which drifted most of us into deep sentiments and emotions.At the end of the programme our Principal imparted a few words to the students and told about the importance of the day. Later sweets were also distributed to every class and the programme came to an end.