Monthly Archives: May 2006

Staff Outing in 2006

Right from the word ‘go’ the teachers and staff had been toiling selflessly to make all the new (and old students) comfortable in their new surroundings and also helping them to acclimatize themselves to the school curriculum of academics as well as sports. They happily agreed, even volunteered, to take extra classes in the afternoons to help certain students catch up  with their class fellows and come up to the exacting standards of our school . Added to that were the home visits which further helped the teachers to understand their students. Understandably by the end of the month and a half of such hard work they needed a well deserved break. The management magnanimously   invited everyone for a movie at PVS Mall. The icing on the cake (or shall we say toppings on the pizzas!)) was the delicious on the cake (or shall we say toppings on the pizzas!) was the delicious lunch at Pizza Hut. Everyone raised to toast to more such outings!

Summer Coaching Camp in 2006

SNVP was proud to announce its first Summer Coaching Camp from 22 May to 9 june 2006. This was to enable the SNs to start their summer vacation on   a fun and fruitful note. So while the students enjoyed themselves they could also gain expertise in certain skills. The students enjoyed could choose 2 or 3 activities out of swimming, cricket, shooting, English speaking, badminton, basketball, gymnastics, football, hockey, yoga, athletics, taekwondo, music, dance, skating, art and craft. The maximum number of students in each activity was kept at 25 to enable proper guidance and individual attention to be given. The students were provided training by National level coaches. Special arrangements were made, at nominal charges for the students (Kulwant Singh + Meerut Stadium) to avail of the stadium facilities, Snooker training was also provided at Snooker Devils, Abu Plaza. In the closing ceremony, on 9 june 06, several competition were organized so the students could display the skills they’d developed and honed. Cricket matches were played between students vs. parents the parents emerged the winners by 30 runs.

The girls challenged their mothers to another match and here again the mothers won by 5 wickets. Just goes on to show that our kids have a long way go before they can step in their parents’ shoes! Well, with SNVP to back them it want be an uphill task at all, we are sure! A Swimming competition saw Abhishek bagging the first and Dhruv the second prize. In the rifle shooting competition for boys, Abhishek was declared first with Yash Sharda and Gaurav Gupta as the first and second runners-up. In the girls’ category, Vaishnavi bagged the first prize with Akansha Gupta in the second and Paridhi Jain in the third position. In the boys pistol shooting event Dhannajay stood first and Ayush and Dhruv stood second and third respectively . The summer coaching camp culminated with an award giving ceremony where our honourable Chairman, Mr. Nageen Chand Jain gave the prizes to the exclusive students.

Fire Drill in 2006

Victoria Park fire tragedy was a shocking experience for all residents of Meerut. At SNVP, we got so concerned about the safety and well being of our students and their parents that we telephoned each and every parent to get information about their families. It was such a relief that there were no causalities from SNVP students or parents. The very next day, we had a special assembly for ‘prayer’ along with two – minute silence to mourn the shocking deaths of all those who could not be saved..

The tragic fire that broke out at Victoria Park Claiming many lives brought forcibly to fore the urgent need to equip our students with the knowledge of how to evacuate a building in case of fire. After repeated detailed instructions by C- Curricular Head, all the students walked out, maintaining discipline and calm and with clock work precision, at the sound of the fire alarm, later in the day, Needless to say it was a very important lesson about how random running at the onset of such accidents only leads to chaos and confusion there by reducing effectively quick evacuation and increasing danger to life.