Monthly Archives: April 2006

Movie Show (Hanuman) in 2006

A mini theatre was created in the school in the activity room on the occasion of ‘Ram Navmi’. The movie Hanuman was shown to the children. The concept of buying the tickets before watching the movie was cleared . Movie tickets and money were made by the teachers and the concept was made clear. Children enjoyed a lot while watching the movie and popcorn were served.

Orientation Day in 2006

 To make the new students and their parents familiar with the school and to introduce them to its vision and ethos, Orientation Day was organized on 3 April 2006. “SNVP is the only day boarding school in Meerut and it believes that education is the greatest asset that a child can possess. Character building and inculcation of moral values is an essential part of the good education provided at SNVP. To elaborate and apprise the parents  about  how we aimed to achieve the same we had several speakers amongst whom Mr Vishal Jain, Director, started by telling everyone about the vision of SNVP and how we intended to make our students global citizens. Mr. Lal spoke   about the extensive sports curriculum chalked out to generate students’ interest in all sports as well as to make them good sports persons. Mr. Sehgal touched upon the academics and how by our student friendly approach we aimed to bring out the best in the students. Ms Preeti Joshi emphasized the need for good time management to attain the best result and threw light on the meticulously planned time table that had been chalked out for the students to achieve the desired result. Mrs payal Rana spoke about the unique, innovative and fun filled child care programme to introduce young ones to the exciting and fascinating world of learning.

The entire programme was interspersed with a lively cultural show by the students of SNVP who put up some scintillating performances to enthrall the audience of more than two thousand people. A display of take won do skills was also presented by our students where such daring feats as tile- breaking with various body parts-head, elbow etc-were performed for the astonished audience.

The whole programme ended with everyone being introduced to the various class teachers and subject teachers as well as everyone visiting the various classed. This was followed by a sumptuous dinner for all the guests and everyone left with a smile on their faces, happy about the sound decision of having chosen the right school.