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Rocking Farewell party at SNVP

Sweet is the memory of distant friends!  Like the mellow rays of the departing sun, it falls tenderly, yet sadly, on the heart!
The teachers & students of Class XI had organized a farewell party for the students of Class XII on  23rd January 2015 in the campus.
The programme started with the auspicious Hawan where the hon’ble Chairman, Shri Nageen Chand Jain, Principal Mr. Kripal Singh ,Director Mr Vishal Jain ,Co-ordinator Mrs Ritu Singh ,Mr Sumit Grover ,Mr Navneesh Patel  &  teachers & students of Classes XI & XII were present. Then the students & teachers of Class XI had organized a set of cultural programmes for the students of Class XII. Through their fantabulous performances, they not only entertained their seniors, but also wished them good luck for their future. The day started with great excitement and merriment, as all the Class Twelve students dressed up to their glamorous best and arrived for the ribbon cutting ceremony: the boys looked dashing in their tuxedos and the girls, who never fail to put on a show, were draped in gorgeous saris bought for the occasion.
The Director  Mr. Vishal Jain congratulated the students of Class XII for their achievements and wished them a bright and better future. In his speech, SNVP Principal, Mr. Kirpal Singh stated that these students can excel in every field if they use their knowledge in the right direction.
Shri Nageen Chand Jain, Chairman SNVP while addressing the children wished them the very best for their forthcoming final exams .
Once the formal part of the party was over, the stage was open for the students to enjoy and dance to their heart’s delight on the latest numbers.
It was an appreciable effort by the teachers and students Of Class XI and they surely succeeded in making the day memorable one for the +2 students.






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Neena Pandey

Chance of Dance with DID fame

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Neena Pandey

Newspaper clipping of dance workshop

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classical and folk music performance @ snvp

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Film Actor Rajpal Yadav in SNVP

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Folder Making Activity

A Folder Making Activity was held for students of Class I to X on 6th December, 2014. Students made colourful folders and decorated them beautifully. The best folders were displayed and children were applauded for them.


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Newspaper Clipping of Self defense Camp @SNVP

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SNVP girls get self-defence lessons

At first, the girls were unwilling to believe they were capable of throwing a punch when the need arose to defend themselves. However, by the end of the self-defence training class today, the girls  were smiling and more confident. “Yes!” they said in unison when asked if they would remember all they had been taught to deal with the tough world outside.

Faced with increasing reports of violence and abuse against children, SNVP  have conducted a self-defence training session to help schoolchildren, especially girls, protect themselves better.

“We want to show you simple ideas of how you can protect yourself in case of an attack. There are things you can use, like your hair pin, with which you can poke your assailant, giving you time to run away,” said Poonam Bishnoi  who led the training.

She  gave a series of easy-to-follow tips and demonstrated to the students how they could defend themselves in different situations, including a knife attack and chain-snatching.

She also called a few students to the demonstration so they could do and learn. The students were taught how to get out of a grip if they were held from behind.  Poonam Bishnoi repeatedly told the students that the tips were easy enough to be used by even the smallest among the students.

Around 400 girls of Classes 5 to 12 attended the training.

Director Mr Vishal Jain said, “We wanted to concentrate on this training because that forms the base for self-defence techniques. The common perception is that such techniques are difficult to learn.Through this camp we exhibited that self-defence techniques are easy to learn.

“It has been very useful for the girls. We are quite happy to conducted this training for them,” said Kirpal Singh, Principal of the school. “We will continue the training for our students with the teachers as guides as well,” he said.



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Neena Pandey

Happy Birthday!

On the warm morning of 3rd December 2014 SNVP organized Birthday Programme for their beloved Principal Kirpal Singh. Dance & Song were presented by the students .  Students gave their warm wishes to the Principal  sir  in the form of beautiful Hand made Birthday Cards.

chocolates were distributed to the students . Lines dedicated to You:

Instead of a bunch of flowers From the heart of ours It is a beautiful way To wish Our Principal A Happy Birthday. We pray you continue To lead us and guide May your fragrance spread Far and wide You are loving, you are kind Another you we will never find So let us all say We wish you Sir A very veryHappy Birthday!


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Neena Pandey

Cooking without fire’ at SNVP

The school conducted ‘Cooking without Fire’ to the students studying I to  X standard on November 28 . The competitions were conducted with a view to create awareness about the nutritional value of food cooked without fire. All students participated with great enthusiasm. The food items displayed were a visual treat for the participants ..

Principal Mr Kirpal Singh  appreciated the efforts put in by the students and distributed the prizes.


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