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Q. When was the School established ?
Ans. The School was established in2005 by shri Nageen chand . It got affiliated to the CBSE in the same year.

Q. What is the size of the School and the number of students?
Ans. The School is spread over about 18 acres of land. The number of students in the School is about 1467.

Q.The School is up to what level?
Ans. The School is from Nursery to Class XII.

Q. To which Board is the School affiliated?
Ans. The School is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi.

Q. How to reach the School?
Ans. By Road: The School is about 60 kms from Delhi and can be reached by road in about 2 hrs and . Those who travel by road are advised to start early in the morning to avoid rush hour traffic .
By Rail: This is by far the best way to visit the School. There are a number of trains running between Delhi and Meerut.
By Air: The nearest airports to the School is Delhi.

Q. Where to stay while visiting the School?
Ans. There are a number of hotels in Meerut.

Q. Is the School Co-educational?
Ans. Yes, the School is Co-educational.

Q. Do boys and girls have separate hostels?
Ans. Yes, boys and girls have separate hostel.

Q. When does the School session start?
Ans. The School session starts on the first working day of April every year and ends somewhere in the third week of March. The session for Class XI starts on the 15th of April every year. New admits generally join the School between March and June.

Q. What is the average Class size?
Ans. Each Class on an average has 25-30 students thus providing individual attention to the students.

Q. Does the School admit children of other Boards?
Ans. Yes, the School admits children from other Boards.

Q. How soon should I apply for my child to attend the next school year?
Ans. Applications can be submitted at any time, but class size restrictions limit the number of accepted applicants in each grade level. Applying early is always a good choice.

Q. Can a student enroll during the current school year?
Ans. Yes. Shanti Niketan Vidyapeeth has a rolling enrollment process, meaning students may enroll at any time during the school year upon acceptance and providing there is availability in the appropriate grade level. If a space is not available, the student’s file will be put on “HOLD” awaiting availability.

Q. What is the student/teacher ratio?
Ans. 15:1 is the current student/teacher ratio. The target number for Lower School class sizes is 15 students per section. Middle/Upper School class sizes are usually 20 students per section.

Q. Are payment plans available? Or is the whole tuition amount due at one time?
Ans. Yes, payment plans are available for day scholars and boarding students.

Q. Are uniforms included in the cost of tuition?
Ans. No, Uniforms, books and bags ets are purchased separately.

Do you have any type of program that will allow my child to stay at the school until I can pick them up after I get off work?
Yes,we have day boarding facility also.

Q. Can my child participate in both sports and fine arts?
Ans. Yes! They may participate in as many activities as their schedule allows.

Q. Are all of the teachers at Shanti Niketan Vidyapeeth degreed?
Ans. Yes, all teachers are degreed. In fact, 54% of our Middle and Upper School teaching staff hold advanced degrees they are well experienced in their subjects.

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